Guide To Healthy Eating

I’m a firm believer that correct nutrition precedes any commitment to exercise. Your choice of fuel will always dictate how well your body performs. A diverse diet of clean food is fundamental to performance. Don’t just chase rainbows—eat them!  The resources below will help you understand how to build rainbows into your own diet.

If you have lost touch with how physical hunger and fullness actually feel then the Hunger Scale can help you tune in back to your body and help you decide whether your desire to eat comes from real hunger or other reasons. Use the information in the booklet below, as well as the scale and diary to describe your level of hunger and recognise the best times to start and stop eating during your day.

When we get stuck, the stress sets in, the weight packs on, and our physical and mental health decline.   Here are some tips to help you understand how stress interacts with your nutrition and lifestyle.

Remember the Symptom Picture Checklist we completed in the Momentum section?  Re-take this checklist regularly as you work towards healthy eating to see how your health and physical symptoms change as you take steps to improve your diet.