Identifying Strengths

My first coach reminded me to always “stick to my lane” and just focus on my own ability by playing to my strengths. This simple advice has resonated with me ever since by profoundly shifting my perception of self-worth. I’m now inspired instead of intimidated by other people in life.

Strengths can be hidden underneath a seemingly irrelevant ability or skill – let’s identify some of them!

A hallmark of strengths is “energy”. When we use our strengths, we feel energised and engaged. Activities that rely on our strengths are enjoyable and feel as if our energy levels are being raised.  Let’s understand your energy better through the activity below.

Learn how to introduce yourself with a story that showcases your strengths and values.

In the short workbook, Finding Me – The Journey, we will go on a healing journey together. On this journey, you will get to know a little bit more about who you are.