Keep Your Goals Going

So let’s start putting together a plan to create that new pathway to a healthy habit.

Find a trigger

A trigger is what attaches to a habit and you can take advantage of these. A trigger can be a meal, a particular time of day, or even a room. Once you attach that trigger to making your new healthy habit, it will become easier.

Prepare and measure conveniently

If you are about to start a movement habit, prepare yourself so that you have what you need to get it done. A pair of comfortable shoes comes to mind, if you are going to walk. An electronic activity monitor will help you measure your steps towards your goal of creating a healthy habit. Fact: statistically, the act of measuring your daily steps with a device will lead you to walk 27 per cent more than those who don’t use one.

Use the resources below to help you organise the habits you want to build, track and repeat.

Repeat and track

Stats show that you need to repeat patterns of behaviour for 66 days to form a habit—that’s essentially nine-and-a-bit weeks—so four weeks is just under halfway! Try using a planner or a diary to plot your success strategy if that suits your lifestyle better. Remember, repetition is the key to results.

The resources below will help you measure, track and keep your number of habit reps high:

Spread the love and pay it forward

Go on and smile today—it might just be the key that fits the lock to someone’s heart. Life is actually effortless, but most of us insist on making it extremely complicated! Sometimes life can be challenging. This is a given. But never forget that you—yes, YOU—do make a difference.

Use the resources below to help you remember to keep spreading the love:

The art of mastering deep fulfilment can sometimes be a challenge, but it’s all about practice, and it’s always worth the effort.

It’s super important to remember that only you have control over the way your life feels. In the end, mastery is all about making it your life’s work to keep evolving, growing, and strengthening your individual and collective development with your community to become a kick-arse human being. Even if you stumble, keep moving forward because you have got this!