Lean Muscle Program

There are several categories to consider when planning the journey to fitness. Working on all three types is recommended, with an emphasis on cardiovascular exercise.

Cardiovascular exercise

This type of exercise is anything that raises your heart rate. Primarily, your level of cardiovascular movement is considered the most significant predictor of mortality, and this type of exercise has the highest impact on your ability to undertake everyday activities. The recommendation is to engage in cardiovascular exercise between three to five times in a week—either twenty minutes at high intensity or 45 minutes at the lower intensity.

Strength training

Strength-based activities are often referred to as “functional exercise”. Consider engaging in this type of training two to three times a week, with the length of your sessions being less critical than ensuring you exercise all the major muscle groups.

Flexibility movements

For muscle balance, joint movement and good posture, flexibility activities are essential and can prevent orthopaedic issues later in life.

Combining all three types of training over a week is the most effective way to exercise.


A great way to get started with your movement journey is to select a program and work through it from beginning to end.  This will help you build your skills, confidence, and movement in a trackable way.  I’ve included some of my favourite suggestions below:

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