Making The Right Food Habits

When it comes to creating your menu, there are some essential things you need to keep in mind. You’re building a lifestyle that will get you to your ultimate goal, so these healthy habits are what will keep you on your journey towards mastery.

The three Mandates Of Extraordinary Health that I live by are:

  1. Stop the Poisoning
  2. Cleanse & Detoxify
  3. Revitalize & Regenerate

Print out the poster below and stick it on your fridge or hang it near your desk to remind yourself that these three mandates are the basis of your new lifestyle.

Keep track of your progress making the right food habit choices by recording everything you eat in your food diary printout below, or by using an app to track your food.  I recommend the MyFitnessPal app as it makes it easy to set and track your goals.

Making the right food choice habits can be tricky at times, so use the guide below to help you understand how to keep making on track when dining out, going to parties or during the festive season.