Transform Bad Habits into Great Ones – Here’s Where to Start!

It’s the actions you take every single day that make you who you are. These default patterns are your habits. If you want to see changes to your results, you need to get real about the choices you make on a day to day basis.

Why your habits feel ‘easy’

Your brain is like a super-computer. It processes a massive amount of inputs every moment of the day! To help you do this, it creates shortcuts for the things you do most often, like when (and whether!) you brush your teeth. This automates decisions so that you don’t have to consciously think too hard about them, freeing you up to plan, create or worry about other things.

Every time you do or think the same thing, it strengthens that specific pathway in your brain. This makes it easy to travel along it without thinking. This becomes your habit.

So, what happens when your habit doesn’t serve your goals?

Kick that bad habit to the curb!

To change a bad habit into a good one, the first step is to decide on a new pathway that will help you reach your goal faster. Start with simple, achievable changes. For example, if you’d like to lose weight but always grab a takeaway burger on the way home, you may find it difficult. But swap this for a new behaviour – like creating a quick and easy (but nutritious) dinner plan for the week, and you may be onto something!

It will feel hard at first, but each time you take the new action, the pathway in your brain will become stronger and easier to choose. Over time, as you choose the good pathway and neglect the one that was stuffing your goals, you’ll start seeing the results you want!

Remember to keep track of the changes you’ve made, how they’ve made you feel and the incredible things you’ve accomplished as a result. You can look back on this any time you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with creating a new habit, to remind yourself that you absolutely can do it!

It is really that simple?

Changing your habits and seeing better results really is as simple as changing the small actions you do daily. There are many super helpful tricks and tips that can help you do this though. It helps to know what to do if you hit a stumbling block, or where to turn on the days when it all feels too hard.

That is why I’ve created my 66 Days to Habit Mastery Mastermind program, designed to help you take charge of the power of your habits, achieve your goals and find phenomenal success. If you’re hungry for that extra dose of motivation and inspiration, this is where you’ll find it. Or if you want to get a really great understanding of the tools you can use on your journey, the program has you covered!

And if you’re ready for next-level results but feel like you need someone in your corner as you transform your bad habits into ones that serve YOU, I’ve got you! Work with me 1-on-1 and unlock your potential, sooner!