Weight Loss Coaching: The Missing Link between You and Success

Losing weight can be difficult. Without the right ingredients, like healthy eating, exercise
and a mindset make-over, it can even feel impossible.

We’ve all been there – we realise we’ve been carrying a bit of extra, uh, baggage… and
decide we’re going to make huge changes and be back in shape in no time, only to have our
best-laid plans go out the window at the first hurdle.
That’s where a weight-loss coach comes in! Here’s how a coach can help you succeed.

Get the facts

We all know losing weight is about feeding your body less energy than it requires so it can
start burning that extra winter fuel, but there’s so much more to it than that! And since you
probably don’t have time to learn all the ins-and-outs (you have your own gig, after all), a
coach can give you info that’s accurate and relevant to YOU.

You can create a tailored action plan

Building on the basics, you can use your coach as a sounding-board to talk through the ups
and downs. You’ll be able to get advice on pushing through plateaus, customising your diet
to accommodate special dietary requirements, making good choices during exciting (or
tough) times, and anything else that’s challenging you.

Inspiration to embrace new experiences

Change – even good change – can be uncomfortable. At times when we’re feeling energised
and motivated, we usually feel ready to embrace this discomfort to earn the reward at the
other side. But in the dark of the night… (yes, you know what I’m talking about!) it can feel
safer to retreat back into the familiar. We also experience this during times of stress.
This is why it’s so important to have someone in your corner ready to remind you of your
‘Why’. Your ‘Why’ has to be bigger than your fears, even though sometimes it won’t feel
that way. When this happens, returning to your coach can help you regain perspective.
Plus, you’ll be inspired to try out little changes along the way, like trying a new ingredient or
activity. You’ll probably find some things you love and some that you don’t. Either way,
stretching your tolerance of the new sets you up for weight loss success, because being a
stronger, fitter, hotter version of yourself will be a change, too!


A key aspect of successful weight loss, accountability is the feeling that someone else is part
of your journey, counting on you to keep moving forward.
This absolutely does not mean you have to be perfect! But it does mean that someone cares
if you keep trying. Knowing this can be a huge help when you slip up and are thinking about

Teamwork makes the dream work, baby!

Yes, it’s true. Studies have shown that people who connect with a coach have better success
than those who don’t. Plus, learning the correct way to lose weight and keep it off means
they’re more likely to maintain their new lifestyle and fitness.

If you’re excited about all the ways that coaching can help you on your weight loss journey,
find out how my Dietflex Weight Loss Program is just what you need! You’ll have access to
one-on-one coaching, a community of like-minded people and priceless knowledge on how
to succeed.