Weight Management For
Self Managed NDIS Clients

Even If You're Walking On Wheels You Can Get Healthy

Are you challenged by the idea of having to work out, but still want to get yourself fit and healthy?

Are you looking for better sleep, increased clarity and focus? 

Build confidence without having to go to the gym, and benefit from the health and metabolism improvements of Dietflex weight loss coaching, tailored for NDIS participants who desire plan outcomes of healthy living.

You can see incredible benefits just from changing your diet.

Just listen to Col’s experience.

Even if you’re walking on wheels, it’s possible to get healthy! 

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How It Works!

You’re about to start a journey towards a more energised, vibrant life!

To start with, we want to be absolutely sure this program is right for you, so that you can experience the amazing results you’re after. We’ll start by assessing your needs, goals, and commitment to the program.

Once we’re sure you’re a good fit for the program and have the potential to experience great success in a coaching environment, it’s time to get started!

You're In!

As soon as you’re accepted into the program, you’ll receive your Easy Meal Prep Program – your blueprint for weight loss success! It’s designed to help you achieve your goals and burn unwanted fat, based on your unique starting point and any dietary requirements you have.

Next, it’s time to meet your coach! This may be me – or one of a selection of insanely passionate, experienced weight loss coaches dedicated to helping people just like you to transform their bodies and live their best lives. Come along to Snap Fitness Karalee (wheelchair-friendly) or catch up online via Zoom – it’s up to you!

Research has shown that developing a support network around your goals is a crucial step towards achieving them. If you’ve ever tried to go it alone and failed to reach your targets, this may have been the missing piece!

That’s why your coach will devote all the knowledge and experience they gained during years of supporting successful weight loss journeys, to your journey.

What the program involves​


Forget ridged, impossible-to-follow diets that make you eat gross things or have you limping around starving all day!

With this program, you get a personalised eating plan full of easy, real, nourishing meal ideas to fuel you up for your day. You’ll feel energised and get to enjoy delicious food that not only looks good and makes you feel good – but tastes amazing too.

Depending on your target, just choose the right program to meet your goals.

Yoyo diets are out, guys!

One-on-one Coaching

Support and coaching are absolutely crucial for weight loss success. Our members often say the coaching they received was the number one aspect that helped them succeed at losing weight, when in the past they may have failed to reach their targets.

A major component of the program will be your weekly chats with your coach. Get support, ask your burning questions or use the opportunity to learn tips that will make your journey easier and more fun!

Chats are held online via Zoom or at Snap Fitness Karalee,
(3 Perseverance St, Karalee, QLD 4036)


You’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a community of likeminded people on the same journey. Your new community will include others that may be facing the same challenges, they may have tips that can help you, or who knows – you may be able to share something you’ve learnt that helps elevate someone else!

Choosing to be active in a community that shares and supports your goals will help you integrate all the aspects of your new lifestyle into your life, which = BIG RESULTS.


You’ll learn the nitty-gritty details of making sustainable change from highly experienced experts.

In addition, you’ll also get the chance to become more in-tune with your own body, so that you can read the signals that tell you that you’re full or that a certain food isn’t promoting wellness in your body.

This will help you sustain your weight loss long-term and achieve your goal of a healthy lifestyle..

6 Weeks Bonus Challenge

Achieve the target weight loss in 6 weeks and we will reward you with a bonus 6 weeks of membership and coaching!

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Select Your Support Level

6 Weeks Support

12 Weeks Support

12 Months Support

Register Now For Your Free Consult

Register now and we’ll be in touch to advise you if and how you can claim support through your self-managed NDIS plan.