Weight Loss vs Life Gain

Here’s the thing about losing something … you generally find it again. And, nine out of 10 times, you want to find it again. Think lost keys, mobile, your mojo, sleep (if only we could get that back).


Yet, as a society, we obsess with the idea of “losing weight”. And yes, you know where this is going, we generally find it again. Only, far too often, we find more than we lost, which can be frustrating and not great for our mental health.


Instead of focusing on losing weight, maybe we should be focusing on all the things we gain when we make better choices about food and focus on our health and fitness (which generally results in weight loss)?


What if we look at weight loss as a by-product of life gain, rather than the core goal?


Let’s be honest, why do you want to lose weight? To rediscover your confidence? To gain energy?

To be able to keep up with your kids? To live longer? To find that mojo? To gain a happier, healthier life?


Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes and hell yes!


They’re all things you want more of. And, when you make the right choices in pursuit of these goals, weight loss is literally a bonus. Winning!


If you’re feeling less than fabulous, and want to go from stuck to unstoppable, may I boldly suggest focusing on all the incredible things you will gain instead of what you want to lose, should you commit to changing your lifestyle for the better?


It’s such a simple shift in mindset that can make an incredible difference.


So, what would you like more of in your life?


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