What’s Your Value?

How much do you VALUE yourself today?

Of late, I’ve been pretty hard on myself with the way I feel about my body. Because I’ve not been able to physically train due to having heart surgery a few weeks back (lifting weights and doing aerobic exercise are still a NO-GO-zone), my body has become quite tired and it’s composition has inherently changed. As a consequence, my view of how I CURRENTLY feel I look and how I’d IDEALLY like to look when I see my reflection are conflicting. Gone is the tightness of post-comp conditioning. HELLO to cellulite and daily bloating as my body tries to find some sort of homeostasis.

Don’t get me wrong – I am by no means unconditioned – my physique is just a lot more SOFT than I prefer because I enjoy living within a STRONG female body with LEAN. The thing is, once you’ve achieved a GREAT physique, the challenge is not to MAINTAIN it – it’s to accept that the body you take to a stage is NOT sustainable and that you must embrace the downtime to NOURISH + GROW!

Forever a MENTAL MASTER, despite feeling pretty low, I forced myself to once again LEVEL UP and participate in a couple of photo shoots. I have NEVER shot when I have not been able to do a small prep ‘n’ shred for a shoot because I always LIKE to LOOK and FEEL my very BEST when I’m in front of a camera.

You know why I committed to these shoots though? Because sometimes we have to get comfortable OUTSIDE of our comfort zones and VALUE every tiny bit of ourselves that make us unique so they can SHINE through despite our inadequacies within our minds. We are ALL capable of PERFECTION – we just have to accept that each moment IS ALREADY perfect, and just waiting for us to SEIZE it! It’s all a matter of PERSPECTIVE + MINDSET!

Thanks so much to my team of coaches, mentors and sponsors for keeping my nutrition in check and holding me accountable throughout my recovery ☺