Where’s Your Comfort Zone?

A STRONG and POSITIVE self-image is the BEST possible preparation we can give ourselves in life for SUCCESS. BELIEVE in yourself! Even if you don’t, PRETEND that you do because at some point, you WILL.

Daring GREATLY means the COURAGE to be VULNERABLE, to SHOW up, be SEEN, ask for what you NEED, talk about your FEELINGS and have CHALLENGING conversations. Having a SOFT heart in a CRUEL world is a sign of STRENGTH, not weakness.

HONESTLY, I have found that the more OPEN and AUTHENTIC I am, the more I ENABLE myself to become EMPOWERED. Today is THE day to throw away your MASK and wear your SOUL.
I absolutely LOVE doing bikini fitness shows to give myself the opportunity to meet some more AMAZING women. Surrounding myself with INSPIRING people if my new found passion and the art of modelling / body building seems to attract a very specific type of person. We all understand each other and are driven to do our best for a vast array of reasons, but at heart, we all choose to do something quite extraordinary by asking to be judged on our appearance. It takes HELLOFALOT of internal courage to get up on stage and to the outside world, us odd trim and toned folk can appear very superficial.

Stepping outside your comfort zone is extremely confronting. Most will never posses the confidence to even try because inherently we are all scared of rejection to some degree.

I CHALLENGE you to do something UNCOMFORTABLE this week. Ask your barista for a discount on your next coffee, try a new activity, start a conversation with a stranger, complement yourself. DON’T live down to EXPECTATIONS – live UP to your POTENTIAL, go out there and do something REMARKABLE!