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Helping you get the f*ck unstuck!

Loz Life helps you to identify your handbrake habits and release them.

Handbrake habits are everyday actions you already take – you can’t survive without them.

But life often gets in the way, so you get stuck in a cycle of bad habits.

Your breathing, eating, hydration, sleep, and movement suffer.

We help busy people like you to breathe, eat, hydrate, sleep, and move better.

Our programs take you from stuck → unstuck → unstoppable.

Loz Life offers three flagship programs:

Loz herself knows what it feels like to lack motivation and crave change. Like everyone, she’s no stranger to feeling stuck in life. What makes Loz unique is her ability to build systems to go from stuck to unstuck to unstoppable.

Her ability to not only help herself but to help others has been recognised and honoured. She’s a success story of what you can achieve when you become unstoppable.

Various organisations have awarded Loz for her skills and dedication to achieving the best.

Please check out Loz’s extraordinary achievements for yourself.


Healthy Habits

We believe creating healthy habits is the key to sustainable happiness, health and vitality. You can then build on those healthy habits and “stack” more on top. This leads to lifestyle changes and long-term success. You can’t hack health.

Fun Fitness

Many people shy away from fitness because they think it’s a drag. They have an idea of fitness as a chore. But we like to call BS on that. Fitness needs to be enjoyable, so we make it fun. Because fun fitness helps you reach your goals faster.

Movement & Mindset

We’re firm believers in using movement to improve your mindset. Physical activity can help you relieve stress and anxiety, which is great for your mental health. We like to use movement to help recentre your mind and focus.

Accessible Wellness

Achieving health and wellness should be accessible for everyone – no matter of perceived limitations. That’s why we’re a registered provider for the NDIS. We know from experience that you can reach your fitness goals.


From Rock Bottom to Rocking Life

An easy road in life is rarely walked!

From an early age, Lauren knew she would live an extraordinary life. 

Maybe she would uncover some magical mystery of the universe or catch a rocket to outer space – whatever it was, she knew it would impact the lives of others.

Growing up in a family of five, Lauren “Loz” Antonenko is the eldest of 3 kids and the daughter of a nurse mother and military father. As a child, she always loved to entertain people, singing and dancing on her neighbours balcony each week and putting on plays with her outcast group of misfit but kind-natured friends. She always loved to learn but was a tomboy at heart, obsessed with riding BMXs and building high-tech Lego creations.

A high-achiever from a young age, she played representative basketball, dabbled in musical theatre and placed highly with track and field sports. She started her journey into entrepreneurship at the age of 15 when she created a business that helped kids at her school identify their standard-issue school bags by creating personalised name tags. Unfortunately, Lauren was always teased for the way she looked and for being academically inclined, but this just fuelled her fire to define herself in other parts of life.

Upon graduating from high school, Lauren was accepted into university on a scholarship and planned to graduate as an engineer. Half-way through her tertiary studies, however, she grappled with the sudden onset of severely chronic ill-health and was forced to reassess her future career pathway. Developing a keen interest in social science and commerce in the final year of her undergraduate degree, Lauren went into business with her father and she continues to oversee the success of her growing, multi-award winning enterprise as CEO over a decade later.

Despite battling a sea of emotional and physical obstacles, including the suicide of her first husband, a tumour in her brain and the discovery of a congenital hole in her heart in her 30s, Lauren has overcome a lifetime’s worth of challenges that have lead her down a path of self-discovery, self-love and ultimately, fulfillment and gratitude. She is a true believer that life happens for you, not to you.

Having been overweight, underweight and struggling with depression and self-sabotage at various stages of her life, Loz is now dedicated to living life to her fullest potential by applying habit optimisation strategies to her daily routine. A certified Personal Trainer, Life Coach, Pilates Instructor, weight-loss specialist, meditation practitioner, podcaster, wellness advocate and author, she has grown and scaled multiple 6- and 7-figure businesses and failed forward on her path to success.

She is committed to transforming lives by leading her own extraordinary life and inspiring others to do the same but she also truly believes that success leaves clues and knows that she owes her own extraordinary achievements to the advice and guidance of the mentors and trusted advisors who have walked their unique adventures to the beat of their own drums before her.

With a mission to help busy people upgrade their energy, wellness and body confidence through the transformative power of healthy habits, you’re in great hands.

If you’re looking to optimise your mind, body and business by shifting your habits for improved happiness, health and vitality, Loz offers a unique combination of coaching and educational online learning through her coaching programs and academy.

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Loz's Story

From an early age, Lauren knew she was going to live an extraordinary life. She thought she would uncover some magical mystery of the universe or catch a rocket to outer-space – whatever it was, she knew it would something that would impact the lives of others.

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About Loz

Loz Antonenko knows what it feels like to lack motivation and crave change without knowing how to get desired outcomes.
Like others, she's no stranger to feeling stuck.