The Coaching Team

Meet my passionate team of like-minded coaches who help me support and empower my clients in their success and wellness journeys.

Meet the Team

Coach Emma

Assistant Dietflex Coach

I love helping and supporting people to feel their best.

The reason why I love this so much is because I personally believe that when you feel supported in a journey, whatever that may be, everything seems and becomes so much easier to achieve those goals.

As someone who doesn’t retain iron I’ve always had some issues with health, so diet is very important to me!

Coach Sara

Assistant Fitness Class Coach

I love Group classes, I have always loved doing Group classes with different people and running Classes connecting with people and bringing people moving together to improve our mental and physical quality of life. I have had some struggles with mental health and within that I got into exercise and fitness and never felt better, happier and healthier. I specialise in training Strength and my goal is to help as many people as I can to create a healthy balance and most importantly happy and FUN Life. I’m Friendly and love a chat so if you see me around and want to talk come talk to me.

Everything can be enjoyed in Moderation !

Coach Kelli

Assistant Dietflex Coach

Kelli has a passion to help people to move past what is holding them back. Through flexible healthy eating and reframing the way you think, she can assist you to have the life you deserve.