The Healthy Habit Handbook

A blueprint for improved health, happiness & vitality.

Live A Purpose Driven Life

Do you find that with all of the health and diet information available, it is hard to decipher how to put it into practice?

Are you so busy trying to juggle work, family, relationships, and health – that you have become stuck?

The Healthy Habit Handbook will guide you through the hurdles and lead you through a blueprint to living your life to the fullest.

Learn loving-kindness, meaningful motivation and a heartfelt commitment to creating positive lifelong habits.

More than just a book, The Healthy Habit Handbook is designed with added tools and access to resources to guide you towards success.

I know what it feels like to lack motivation and crave change without knowing how to get desired outcomes. Like others, I’m no stranger to feeling stuck.

In this handbook to healthy habits, I share how I conquered my deepest fears, built up my self-esteem, and failed forward on my way to success.

Find out how to ask yourself the right questions, break free from stagnation, and live a fulfilling purpose-driven life with the lessons in The Healthy Habit Handbook.

Peak Inside The Healthy Habit Handbook

“More than just a book, The Healthy Habit Handbook is designed with added resources to guide you towards success”


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