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Episode 11: The Life Manifesto with Sarah Maxwell Children experience joy and presence in such an open and unguarded way. If we’re open to it, they can open our eyes to a world of wonder we didn’t know existed. Join me today as I chat to Sarah Maxwell. Although she used to speak and write about joy

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Episode 10: Diving Deep with Laurin Seiden Join me as I dive deep into the habits and routines that have helped my guest, Laurin Seiden, move from overwhelmed and overworked to happy, balanced and successful. Learn the goals and strategies she used to transform her reality. Starting with an excellent morning routine, Laurin shares how she

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Episode 9: Kindness & Strength with Laurin Seiden

Kindness and strength should go hand-in-hand. We often emphasis the importance of one while overlooking the other, but this limits us. It prevents us from truly demonstrating the best that each of these incredible qualities has to offer. Join me today to hear from the incredible Laurin Seiden, a Strategic

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Episode 8: Diving Deep with Patrick McKeown

Respiratory health challenges getting you down? Conditions such as asthma, a permanently clogged nose, snoring and sleep apnea are more than just annoyances – they can have overwhelming long-term impacts on how you sleep, how you feel, the exercise you do and how well you perform at school or work.

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