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Episode 18: Diving Deep with Steven J Whiteley

Today I’m diving deep with stand-up comedian Steven J Whiteley to find out more about his journey of healing from alcohol and drug addiction. Listen in as Steven shares his most memorable meal and its significance at a time in his life when he had just left detox. He also

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Episode 17: Comic Relief with Steven J Whiteley

Today my guest on The Healthy Habit Hotseat is the hilarious Steven J Whiteley, a well-renowned stand-up comedian with a story to tell. In this episode, Steven shares a bit about his life and the learning he has done in his personal quest to move from a life trapped by

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Episode 16: Diving Deep with Anne-Marie Lasserre

Today I’m diving deep with the super inspirational Anne-Marie Lasserre to find out the success habits she uses to create incredible success in her life – and how you can too! Listen in as Anne-Marie reveals the intricacies of her life, sharing her routines (morning, bedtime, beauty, and supplements) and

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Episode 15: From Glum to Glam with Anne-Marie Lasserre

Today I’m discussing health, nutrition, and professional athletics with Anne-Marie Lasserre. The incredible Anne-Marie has fought through a number of health challenges, including disordered eating patterns, celiac disease, and food intolerances to become a champion athlete. Anne-Marie discusses her experiences as a vegan and how her body needed to transition

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