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Episode 7: Shut Your Mouth with Patrick McKeown

Are asthma or respiratory challenges such as nasal obstruction and heavy breathing stopping you from reaching your full potential? There are important links between breathing, emotions and sleep, with each affecting the other. Find out how breathing through your nose can be a game-changer for your overall health and vitality.

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Episode 6: Diving Deep with Kyle Zagrodzky

Today I dive deeper with Kyle Zagrodzky, founder and CEO of OsteoStrong. Listen in as he talks biohacking – how to maximise human physical freedom and physical performance. Learn how to find fast and easy ways to improve your wellness, whether you’re held back by pain and fear, or simply

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Episode 5: Hack Everything with Kyle Zagrodzky

If you have dragons to slay, an icy cold shower can help you get the job done. Find out how as Loz speaks with Kyle Zagrodzky. In this episode, Kyle reveals his daily routine, the types of people that he surrounds himself with and his four top tips for fitness.

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