Melanie Marshall


 I believe that trust is the foundation for everything we do!

Everyone knows the importance and value of trust – it’s mentioned in so many organisational vision statements and strategies that I’ve lost count. The reality is that many executive teams struggle to build and sustain it for measurable and lasting benefits.

With a career spanning multiple contexts such as Defence, fitness, hospital and healthcare, ICT, the public service, and private industry, I’ve been part of and witnessed many failed improvement initiatives. The challenge is painful, but it doesn’t have to be.

After learning the hard way and applying global research on what works, it’s clear that success is only achievable when you:

1) Enable leadership at all levels,

2) Leverage business intelligence, and

3) Adopt a systemised and integrated approach for performance.



Flexible to meet clients who operate 24/7 such as healthcare, hospitals, and first responders.


Address: Melanie Marshall is an online business

OUR services

I provide clients with evidence-based and first-hand experience in how to build trust at scale to create healthy and adaptive workplaces. The cool thing is that my ‘Trust for Transformation’ approach has been featured by the Oxford Review UK’s Organisational Success Academy Podcast, and I’m the published author of the book ‘Trust – The Foundation for Healthy Organisations and Teams’.

Services are bespoke based on what you need, I don’t outsource to contractors, I love building people’s skills and confidence so they can own the outcomes, and when you work with me it’s as a partner. The types of services I offer are:

Support for responding to culture surveys and performance reviews, service redesign and development, leadership and management training, executive coaching and mentoring, speaking, and facilitation.


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