The Clean & Green Recipe Pack


Improve your habits, improve your life!

Each recipe features:

  • Scannable MyFitnessPal barcodes
  • Breakdown of macronutrients
  • Total calories
  • Simple icons to indicate:
  1. GF = Gluten Free
  2. DF =Dairy Free
  3. LC = Low Carb (under 20g serving)
  4. MP = Meal Prep/Freezer Friendly
  5. HP = High Protein (over 20g per serving)
  6. V = Vegetarian
  7. Q = Quick (under 30 mins)
  8. N = Contains Nuts
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Discover easy, healthy and tasty recipes, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, treat and smoothie options.

This Recipe Pack includes 15 delicious, easy-to-make recipes.



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