Health & Wellness Workshops

with Loz

Rapid Workshop

$ 1,500
price including GST

  • Rapid Workshop sessions will help your team unlock the habits keeping them stuck and accelerate the achievement of personal and professional goals, one habit at a time.

Full Day

$ 5,000
price including GST

  • From workplace wellness, nutrition optimisation, life planning, goal setting, sleep hacking, mindfulness and breathing, a full day with Loz will have your team thriving for success!


$ 3,000
price including GST

  • In a half-day setting, we can cover in-depth habit challenges, with practical exercises to help you team unlock the hand brakes that are holding back focus, confidence and productivity.


Do you know you know you and your team need help but aren’t sure how to help them be happier and healthier?

Book in a¬†Corporate Health Snapshot Quick Chat, where we’ll¬†discuss your team goals & expectations to see if you’re a good fit for a Corporate Health Snapshot and the Boss Loz services.