The Lean Muscle Program

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The Lean Muscle Program has been discontinued and is no longer available to purchase.  If you are looking to improve your fitness & movement habits, we recommend Personal Training, a Fitness Program or a Fab-u-Loz Pathway.

Improve your habits, improve your life!

This program is ideal for anyone looking to achieve a sustainably lean, strong physique by integrating consistent training into their lifestyle. Within this complete program,you will find the key information and resources that you’ll need for long-term and effective muscle building.

It’s recommended that you follow this program for 12-16 weeks at a time.

You’ll love this program if you’re a beginner or accomplished athlete and want to add lean muscle mass.

Program includes:

  • Action Plan
  • Meal Plan
  • Training Program
  • Supplement Guide
  • Comprehensive Recipe Pack

Sorry. This product has been discontinued.

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If you’re looking to not only add lean strong muscle to your body, but boost your strength, this program is for you.

This comprehensive program is ideal for both males and females who would like a dedicated strength and muscle building program that delivers real results.

This Lifestyle Transformation Program will help you build muscle, improve strength and increase power using this proven formula.


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