September 2018

Celebrate You

Always celebrate your ACCOMPLISHMENTS but raise the bar a little bit EACH TIME you succeed. You, yourself, as much as ANYBODY in the entire UNIVERSE, deserve your LOVE and AFFECTION. I’ve learnt that the more you PRAISE and CELEBRATE your life, the MORE there IS in life to celebrate because if you don’t celebrate SUCCESS, […]

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Storm Rider

Success is simple. Do what’s RIGHT, the right WAY, at the right TIME and MAGIC will happen. There’s always a right time for everything. Sometimes you have to make it, but sometimes, you have to wait for it. If it DIDN’T happen, it wasn’t mean to. The trick is to be PERSISTENT and PATIENT, all

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Haters Gonna Hate

There’s nothing more badass than being who you are. Don’t worry about the HATERS who talk behind your back – they’re BEHIND you for a reason. Behind every BADASS is an innocent soul who became tired of everyone’s BULLSHIT. Use your HATERS as your MOTIVATORS! Sometimes the only difference between KICKING ASS in life and

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Business Time

Never try to fit in because we were ALL born to STAND OUT. I believe that my beautiful mother worked TOO DAMN HARD for me NOT to be SUCCESSFUL. She sacrificed SO much to give me the BEST opportunities in life so if DIVA means giving MY best, then yes, I AM 100% a DIVA!

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Exposing your truth

If you were stripped of your clothes and worldly possessions, with your soul fully exposed, baring all your truths for you to see – who would you truly be? When some strip away the veil of their facade and are exposed in their absolute nakedness, their soul gives off a pungent smell of decay. These

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