Can You Choose Fearlessness?

In this wonderful life, you only GET what you THINK you DESERVE. When you start to work on yourself, some people may see you as an OBJECT and not a PERSON, projecting their own set of EXPECTATIONS upon you. People who don’t have authentic BEAUTY think beauty is a BLESSING but, in truth, REAL internally RADIANCE is what actually sets you apart from the masses. When you SMILE and project an aura of WARMTH, KINDNESS and FRIENDLINESS out into this big bad world, you will attract like for like because HAPPINESS will be drawn to you. BE the ENERGY you want to attract!

Ultimately, you are the greatest MASTERPIECE you will ever have a chance to work on during this time you have on Earth. Take your time and CREATE some damn MAGIC!

Personally, I’ve always LOVED the idea of NOT being what people EXPECT me to be. In my opinion, being TRUE to yourself is the best way to stay AUTHENTIC. You certainly attract the RIGHT things when you have a sense of who you are. Authenticity is a collection of CHOICES that we have to make EVERY day. It’s about the choice to SHOW UP and be REAL. The choice to be HONEST. The choice to let our TRUE selves be seen.

Part of my journey has been to follow my PASSION for fitness, wellness and sustainable living. During my last prep to stage, I fell extremely ill for months on end. I definitely did not feel like my usual bubbly self. I could not sleep, I was burnt out and my body kept screaming at my to slow down but I ignored it. I kept trying so many new things to help me feel better but on show day, I was too lean, not 100% myself and IT SHOWED. Had I listened to my body more during those times when I was ill, I know I could have brought a better package to the stage. But I didn’t AND I have learned TREMENDOUSLY from that experience. You know what though? I fckn rocked my lean little bod and had some INCREDIBLE photo shoots the week before my show! It’s ALL about PERSPECTIVE!

Now back into training for my NEXT show, I’m far more aligned and in-tune with myself because of what happened during my previous prep. I feel WHOLESOME and FULL and DRIVEN to do MORE. I’ve allowed EVERY experience help shape who I am and PROPEL me to even greater outcomes. Just watch this space!

Always choose FEARLESS AUTHENTICITY over EVERYTHING because it starts in the HEART and, each day, we are constantly INVITED to be who we are and kick ARSE