Who’s your girlspiration? You only attract who you think you deserve and you become who you hang around, so who are you spending time with these days?

Over the past 18 months, my circle of friends has undergone a complete restructure. I feel that my vibration, as a WOMAN and as a HUMAN, has shifted dramatically following the sequence of events that I know as LIFE and I have now serendipitously attracted some INCREDIBLE new people into it.
People come into our lives for various reasons but because our lives and our perception of ourselves SHIFT and EVOLVE over time, it’s important to remember that our environment also needs to change to foster our personal development. A new friendship can bring so much mutual VALUE and can start with something as simple as a HELLO.

As we edge that little bit closer to a new year, maybe reflect on your goals and the sorts of people you want to be surrounded with as you go out and SMASH them!