How to Establish Momentum – The First Step Towards Lasting Success


  1. What is momentum?
  2. Why momentum is the first step to smashing goals
  3. Why do I feel stuck?
  4. My story
  5. Top tips for making momentum work for you
  6. Keep the momentum going

Creating an amazing life starts with building healthy habits – because habits are the actions we take day after day which ultimately define our success (or lack thereof!).

Established habits are easy to follow. They become automatic. So, with a little bit of preparation and commitment at the start, you can create habits that set you up for epic success.

If you’re feeling stuck right now – in your job, in a toxic relationship with someone or even in a sluggish body that holds you back from living your best life, then the first step is to think about what you really want, WHY you want it and the steps you can take to reach your goal.

Right at the very start, it’s also super important to harness the power of momentum. This can be the difference between achieving everything you set your mind to and falling flat at the first hurdle.

1. What is momentum?

Momentum is ENERGY. It is an energy in motion, driving us forward.

Sounds amazing, right?

It is, but there’s a catch! Momentum can supercharge our journey towards our goals, BUT it can just as easily steamroll us in the wrong direction, without any effort at all.

For example, if you feel stuck in one or more areas of your life, chances are that some of your habits are pretty unhealthy. I know it can hurt to hear that, but knowledge is power, so now you know where to look first when you’re ready to make a change!

Think about it: If you usually eat chocolate cereal for breakfast, you set a whole chain of processes off in your day, guaranteeing that you’ll be hungry by 10am, feel lethargic and pass on chances to play full out ALL. DAY. LONG.

Worse, you’ll be too tired to plan better for the next morning, so it will happen all over again. Over and over and over!


2. Why momentum is the first step to smashing goals

You can easily see how momentum has the power to carry you along in a cycle of bad habits, ultimately leaving you feeling stuck and overwhelmed.

The good news is that it is just as powerful when you take control and harness it for positive progress!

When you become conscious of the power momentum has over the outcomes in your life, you can start using it to create healthy habits that propel you towards your goals more easily.


3. Why do I feel stuck?

Feeling stuck absolutely sucks!

And the more stuck you feel, the harder it can be to get out of the situation, because it so often makes us feel helpless at the same time.

There are heaps of reasons why we can get stuck, but what it usually comes down to is that in this big, beautiful life, we usually only get what we THINK we deserve. We play small because we assume that our dreams are too big for us.

‘What right do I have to dream of owing a vibrant, energetic and exciting company that gives me financial freedom?’ – Right??

Sometimes we also make ourselves smaller to fit in with what others expect from us, or what makes them more comfortable.

But the truth is that anyone whose opinion really matters will be uplifted by your vibrant success. Even if it does make them feel uncomfortable to start with!


4. My story

I was stuck once.

Faced with abusive relationships, serious health issues and the tragic loss of my first husband, I was at a point in life where I clearly had a choice – ride the destructive, soul-destroying momentum pulling me downwards or stand up and say, ‘Enough is enough!’

I chose option two, and that brought me to where I am today. As a multi-award-winning entrepreneur in the best shape of my life, I may look like I’ve always had it all, but that just isn’t true!

As a life coach, when I work with clients, I bring not only the knowledge of how to succeed, but also share how to pull yourself up from extremely challenging circumstances to do so.

In my book, The Healthy Habit Handbook– A Blueprint for Improved Health, Happiness and Vitality, I share honest, raw truths about where I’ve come from and how despite the challenges, I’ve managed to build a life full of energy and joy.

Most importantly, I’ve packed in all the knowledge I gathered along the way to show you how you can do the same. Easy to follow tips and fun exercises help you take real steps towards creating the healthy habits that will change your life.

Momentum is the first step in this process, so to help you get started right now I’m sharing a quick summary of some of my top tips for creating the momentum you need to create the life you deserve.


5. Top tips for making momentum work for you

  1. Practise makes progress.

As humans, we’re pretty good at avoiding challenging emotions. We avoid doing things – even things that will help us succeed – if they push us out of our comfort zone.


Stagnating in this way is the enemy of life-changing success, so the best way to combat it is just to start moving. Taking small, authentic actions on a consistent basis can kick-start the positive momentum in your life.


  1. Stop worrying about what other people think!


This goes back to what I said earlier about how we sometimes purposefully dull our shine to fit in with expectations. Because being judged sucks, right?


Well it’s natural to dislike being judged, but let’s get real – other people’s opinions of us are NONE OF OUR BUSINESS.


And actually, it’s physically impossible to please everyone, all the time. So why do we even try?


When purposefully building positive momentum, let go of everything you ‘should be’ and own who you are and your development into the best version of yourself that you can be!


  1. Leave comparison behind.


On the same note, it’s time to ditch your own false expectations about who you ‘should’ be.


You can’t create a positive life when you’re refusing to embrace your whole, beautiful self.


I mean, by all means aim to be in the best shape of your life, with a hot booty to boot (if that’s what floats your boat), but don’t create an expectation that you could only be happy with yourself if you had a supermodel body (when your natural body is shorter and tends towards sexy curves instead).


Admire the beauty of others, but don’t forget to recognise it in yourself, too! A garden is full of beautiful flowers but they look nothing alike. Imagine how much you’d miss out on if you ONLY though roses were beautiful!


For more of my top tips and to learn how to harness each action to redirect your momentum towards your goals, supercharging your results, grab your copy of the book here.


6. Keep the momentum going

If your goal is to lose weight or get healthy this year, a great baby step is to try a healthy new recipe once a week, like this absolutely delicious Tutti Fruity Jelly Slice. Sooo yummy on a hot summers’ day!!! Click here for the recipe.

And if you’ve decided that now is YOUR time, and you’re ready to dedicate time each week to your personal development, online coaching will offer you excellent accountability and a series of actionable steps to follow.

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Now that you know how important momentum is, what will your first step towards positive momentum be?