The Power Of “N-O”

Is it time to take back your POWER?

The past 12 months have been pretty darn CHALLENGING for me. I’ve been juggling a booming business, studying, training and competing in bikini comps and working on a start-up company. This all sounds quite fulfilling and it HAS been, but when I found out about the massive hole in my heart just over a month ago, I really started to QUESTION where my true power lies.

For me, being BUSY is definitely not something I like to define myself by. Remaining OPEN, ACTIVATED and emotionally FULL by creating meaning in my life by way of connectedness with other BEINGS means a lot more to me than just doing a lot of STUFF.

Although I’ve definitely achieved a LOT of goals this year, the most ENRICHING part of this journey has been the ability to take a BREAK, take a BREATH and take BACK my POWER in my life by DE-LOADING expectations of myself. Although I LOVE creating OPPORTUNITIES by saying Y E S, lately I’ve been saying N O and, WOAH, doesn’t it feel GOOD?!

This life is here to be LIVED and for some of us, the simple daily experience of just LIVING passes by because we are too focused on achieving some sort of POWER by constantly chasing MORE. Sometimes, POWER is just about taking control and realising life is a lot more SIMPLE than we think.

Do you feel like your life is getting on top of you? It’s NEVER too late to say NO.

Where can you regain your POWER?