Mindset Mastery

It’s SUPER important to remember that only YOU have control over the way YOUR life feels. Even if you STUMBLE, just keep moving FORWARDS.

I’ve hit a couple of SPEED BUMPS lately in my life and have been FORCED to re-evaluate what MATTERS most. Having just found out I have been living with a large hole in my heart, my priority for SLOWING down has actually been a BLESSING. Now that I have been provided with some sort of EXPLANATION as to why I have continued to be so SICK as an adult, I am taking the next couple of months nice and EASY to really focus on my GOALS. After my upcoming surgery to have the hole repaired, I will not be able to LIFT for 4 weeks. Mentally, I’m FREAKING out but I 100% know that I will be able to discover exciting ALTERNATIVES so my body comes back STRONGER than ever before. Sometimes, during our times of STRUGGLE our GREATEST selves are made.

No matter what happens in your life, POSITIVITY, PATIENCE and PERSISTENCE evoke more ENERGY, more INITIATIVE and more HAPPINESS. A great mindset is about seeing the INVISIBLE, feeling the INTANGIBLE.