Mastering Healthy Habits for Life


  1. 1. The 5 Ms
  2. 2.What is mastery and why is it important
  3. 3. How to become a healthy habit master
    1. 3.1 Choose a trigger
    2. 3.2 Get set for success
    3. 3.3 Track your progress
    4. 3.4 Make it fun
    5. 3.5 Invest in a coach
    6. 3.6 Create or find a success community
    7. 3.7 Share the love and kindness
  4. 4. Where to continue your healthy habit journey

Have you ever started a new diet or workout routine full of insane enthusiasm, knowing THIS TIME you were going to achieve your goals, only to fall back into your old patterns a few weeks in?

We’ve all been there!

The reason this happens is because when things get tough, we tend to fall back on our existing habits as a way to cope. So someone struggling with bad habits will lean on them, whether they involve consuming too much alcohol or food, using drugs or taking crappy feelings out on others.

On the flipside, people who’ve already laid a solid foundation of good habits (by pushing through the tough patches while keeping to their plans), fall back on these great habits when times are tough. They may concentrate extra-hard on preparing meals that will nourish them or use exercise as stress-relief.

When you get to this stage, you’ve become a healthy habit master!



1. The 5 Ms

To build a kickass life, the first thing you need to do is understand the 5 Ms of building healthy habits – Momentum, Menu, Mindset, Movement and Mastery.

Momentum is the energy that drives you forward in a certain direction. Learn to direct that energy here.

Menu covers the ways that you can use the food you eat to fuel you, rather than weigh you down. Learn how here.

Mindset delves into how your thoughts and attitude control your actions and results. Get a mindset make-over here.

Movement teaches you how exercise can help you feel fit and energised. It can even help you tackle depression and heal you! Grab that superpower here.

Mastery, as mentioned above, brings it all together. By choosing to stick to your new healthy habits, you build mastery, making them second-nature over time.

To dive deeper into how you can use these 5 pillars to build the life you dream of, get yourself a copy of The Healthy Habit Hierarchy Handbook.



2. What is mastery and why is it important?

Mastery is the state of being where your good habits have become your default way of behaving.

When you’ve mastered something, you no longer need to expend heaps of motivation or willpower to do it correctly. Like driving, riding a bike or brushing your teeth, you can do the things you’ve mastered easily and almost without thinking about them.

It’s important because willpower only gets you so far. When you keep forcing yourself to take uncomfortable actions, eventually something’s got to give! And once you’ve given in to that cheesecake out of exhaustion, it’s easy to talk yourself down – creating a story about how useless you are or how you’re too weak to succeed.

Guys, note that this is different to consciously deciding to have a slice of cheesecake as a treat within the framework of your normal healthy diet! When you do this, you give yourself permission to have balance and express how sustainable healthy habits can be with the right attitude.

So basically, mastery of healthy habits makes them your natural behaviours. And since healthy habits lead to a healthy life, that’s what you can look forward to.


3. How to become a healthy habit master

Mastering healthy habits makes doing the right thing easy – in the long run. But first, you need to be prepared to do the work!

Research tells us that it takes about 66 days to form a habit. During this time, it is going to feel uncomfortable. You’ll need to lean on your motivation and willpower at times. The most powerful thing you can do is to have a clear plan and strong support in place from the start.

Make sure that even if you make a mistake, you see it as part of the learning process and get right back to working on your healthy habits.

Here are a few things you can do to start mastering the healthy habits that will help you smash your goals and create a fantastic life.



 3.1 Choose a trigger

Triggers are things that attach to habits, prompting you to take a certain action.

For me, waking up is my trigger to freshen up and sit down for a five-minute meditation before working out and getting some fresh air to start my day.

By following this routine, even when I’m away on holiday, I’ve mastered these healthy habits. As soon as my trigger pops up, it’s easy for me to get started.



3.2 Get set for success

Think about the things you’ll need to have ready so that you can be successful every day. For example, if you’re planning on starting a new running program, like the Loz Life Boss Bod Couch to 5k program, make sure you have a comfortable pair of running shoes waiting for you at the door.

Preparation is about anticipating your future excuses and combatting them before you even start!



3.3 Track your progress

Tracking your progress helps keep you accountable, bringing your successes and mistakes to light so that you can assess them honestly.

You might notice that you do really well with your new healthy eating habits until 4pm, when you reach for the cookie jar to help you get through the last hour of the workday. Being aware of this can help you plan healthier snacks to energise and fuel you until dinner time.



3.4 Make it fun

Choosing to build a healthier life should be fun!

So often people get caught up in all the things they have to give up, without thinking about how enjoyable the journey can be.

Take some time to think about the active activities you enjoy – and how great it will feel to have more energy, go shopping for great clothes, and do more of the things you love.



3.5 Invest in a coach

Working with a coach can help you learn skills and techniques that help you succeed. Coaches are also be a huge help when things get tough, because they can help you make the right choices, even if you feel like giving up.

Research shows that having a healthy habit coach in your corner increases your chances of success.



3.6 Create or find a success community

They say we’re the sum of the 5 people we spend the most time with. Who does that make you? Is your current circle helping you head in the right direction?

If not, you don’t need to ditch people. Just limit their influence in your life by finding new healthy habit buddies to share inspiration with. You can do this in real life, in online communities or even by listening to podcasts and working through training created by inspirational people!



3.7 Share the love and kindness

Being kind feels GOOD.

To increase the positive vibes in your life, do something nice for someone. Even a smile or greeting as you pass someone on the street can make someone’s day.

You have real power to impact lives! For best results, use it wisely.



4. Where to continue your heathy habit journey

Now that you know it is possible to change your life – and have FUN doing it, it’s time to learn more and put plans in place!

The Healthy Habit Hierarchy Academy (H3A) is the perfect place to start.

The exclusive H3A learning academy was created to help people just like you create healthy habits and get REAL results! It offers every resource you’ll need to become the master of your life, so you can live energetically and authentically in every way that matters to you.

You’ll get access to self-paced online courses and take part in fun monthly challenges. Choose from the wide range of exercises, worksheets, and a huge vault of exclusive member-only resources to further propel you towards everything you’ve ever dreamed possible.

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After you’ve worked hard to start new healthy habits, make sure you follow the steps so that your new habits become automatic. Once this happens, you’re put your goals on autopilot!