Coaching and Community Support for Healthy Habit Mastery

When you set out to achieve big things, it helps to have a team behind you that understands and supports your goals. The power of choosing a coach and developing a supportive community makes it far more likely that you’ll succeed.

When you start out on a healthy habit journey, you’ll work through improving your life in different ways. The ultimate goal is mastery of your healthy habit lifestyle!

On the days when you just feel like jumping back into your old bad habits, you’ll need to have people around you that encourage you to keep going, rather than feeding your desire to stray from all your hard work.

For example, when you have a tough day at the office, your partner may try to cheer you up with a sneaky box of chocolates (because they know this worked in the past). BUT if you’ve recently been working hard to lose weight, you’ll probably eat all the chocolate – you’re at a low point and willpower is in short supply – and feel awful afterwards. Now you’re feeling guilty too!

If you have a coach and supportive community behind you, however, this may play out a little differently. When you call on them for support, they might recommend jumping on the stationary bike to burn off some of that frustration.

In this scenario, you’ll get a boost of endorphins (happy hormones) and feel way better!

By choosing to follow your healthy habits over time, you’ll build mastery and it will become easy to live a healthy, energizing life.


The 5 M’s: a framework for healthy habits

To build a kickass life, the first thing you need to do is understand the 5 Ms of building healthy habits – Momentum, Menu, Mindset, Movement and Mastery.

The 5M’s represent the steps you’re going to take to create the life you deserve.

Momentum is the energy that drives you forward (either towards your goals or away from them). Learn to direct that energy here.

Menu covers the ways that you can develop a nourishing diet that energises you, rather than weighing you down. Learn how here.

Mindset delves into the power of your thoughts to create your reality. Get a mindset make-over here.

Movement is about using your body in a way that is joyful and powerful. Exercise can even improve your mood and health! Grab that superpower here.

Mastery brings it all together. By choosing to stick to your new healthy habits, you build mastery, making them second-nature over time.

To dive deeper into how you can use these 5 pillars to build the life you dream of, get yourself a copy of The Healthy Habit Hierarchy Handbook.


How coaching helps you develop mastery

A coach can be thought of as a guide, helping you figure out what you really want from life and charting a pathway to get you there.

If you’re feeling stuck, are unsure of how to achieve your goals or are tired of starting off strong but giving up a few weeks in, then it’s likely that you’d benefit from coaching.

A good coach will teach you strategies to help you stick to your healthy habits. This can include expert advice on the right exercise routine, tips on menu planning customised to your exact lifestyle, or mindfulness strategies to help you manage stress.

PLUS – and this is very important – they will help you identify the triggers that compel you to make bad choices and give you the strategies you need to smash them out of the way.

This is critical to your success, because old triggers will keep popping up, trying to pull you back into old habits that no longer serve you.

If you’d like a top-class healthy habit coach in your corner, you can get started here.


Why you need a healthy habit community

Ok so you’ve got your coach, plus supportive family and friends who want the best for you. You may be wondering why you need a dedicated healthy habit community on top of all that.

Fair enough!

Imagine you’ve signed up to a team sport. You’re feeling super competitive and rearing to go.

You can think of your healthy habit coach as your coach, who’ll show you the ropes, watch each match and give you pointers to help you improve.

Your family and friends are up in the stadium – supportive, but not playing the same game.

Your healthy habit community are your teammates. They’re the ones out on the field with you, pushing through the sweat and tears to win the game.

You need them because competing players (challenges and temptations) are flying at you from all directions. Your team will watch your back and keep you motivated when things get tough.

In the same way, your healthy habit community will help you find healthy solutions to the tough situations that creep up on a day-to-day basis – they may suggest a healthy treat when you’re in need of comfort food or motivate you to go for a walk, even if you’re not in the mood.

This helps build your healthy habit mastery, setting you up for a lifetime of success!

Find your healthy habit tribe here